Whiplash & Accidents

Over 3 Decades of Whiplash & Injury Expertise!

Much of the time, whiplash and injuries from an accident are classified as simply a “soft tissue injury”, meaning stretching or strain of your muscles or ligaments.  


According to decades of research, this is only partially true. Damage to the
structure and shape of your spine is a common injury resulting from an accident
or injury. Much of the time, this serious problem seems to be ignored, even
by our doctors. This can hinder the healing of the injured soft tissue as well as put dangerous pressure or strain on your spinal cord. If this structural
damage is not properly diagnosed and addressed in a reasonable period of time,
the likelihood of future health problems, and even irreversible damage, lingers!


It is absolutely critical that both the injury to the muscles and ligaments is addressed, but also the damage to the normal structure and shape of your spine.  This has been one of our primary areas of expertise since 1993.


Do not wait a minute longer! The sooner your injuries are properly diagnosed and addressed, the faster your healing time and the lower the risk of future health problems.


Schedule your consultation today to have your injuries properly evaluated by an expert and determine the extent of your injuries before it’s too late.

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