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If you're looking for a magic pill, shot or potion to temporarily mask your migraine & headache symptoms... We're NOT it!

Headache Relief Center is a “research-based” healthcare practice.  Our proven multispecialty approach to addressing the real, true cause of your migraine and headache symptoms is based on many decades of proven, published research and not simply another “professional opinion”!

Decades of proven, published research continues to demonstrate the link between specific upper spinal disorders and migraines and headaches of all types. This is our exclusive specialty at Headache Relief Center!

What does your upper SPINE have to do with your migraines & headaches?  According to published research, potentially EVERYTHING!

“If you look in the wrong place, you’ll NEVER find what you’re looking for… the real, true CAUSE of your migraines and headaches!”  – Dr. Scott

When doctors graduate from medical school, they are fitted with a custom pair of “specialty goggles” which only allows them to see your migraines and headaches through their limited scope of practice and with limited treatment options within that scope!  This is one of the main reasons that long-lasting relief can be so hard to find!  Many of us end up on the “merry-go-round” of “trying things out” and hoping for results!

Rarely is there just one type of treatment or therapy alone that will address the real, true cause of your migraines and headaches. Much of the time it’s the personalized combination of different treatment methods and specialties all working together for YOUR BENEFIT that achieves our more than three decades of proven, long-lasting results!

“I highly recommend Headache Relief Center!  I had daily headaches for years and in just two weeks, they completely stopped!  After two months, still no headaches!”


Here are 3 Simple Steps to Proven Results…
  1. You MUST consult an expert in BOTH migraine & headache conditions as well as an in the specific upper spinal disorders that are proven to be a leading cause!  This is all that we do at Headache Relief Center!
  2. Focus FIRST and foremost on pinpointing the real, true CAUSE of your migraines & headaches, otherwise you, and your doctors, are guessing!  At Headache Relief Center, we will NEVER guess with your health!
  3. Once the true cause of your migraine and headache symptoms is identified, with certainty, a personalized corrective care plan should be put in place that will actually address this cause for good!

Remember, your migraines & headaches may NOT be a “head problem”!   – Dr. Scott

Recent published medical research by the “Canadian Family Physician” suggests that more than 70% of all headaches are related to an upper spinal disorder and not a problem that originates inside of your head!  This research simply cannot be ignored!  At Headache Relief Center, our goal for you is simple… Experience significant, proven, long-lasting relief from your migraines & headaches.  But, YOU must take action first!

Here’s an example of one of the most highly documented causes of migraine and headache symptoms…