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If you're looking for a magic pill, shot or potion to temporarily mask your headache & migraine symptoms... We're NOT it!

Headache Relief Center is a “research-based” healthcare practice.  Our proven multispecialty approach to addressing the real, true cause of your headaches and migraines is based on decades of proven, published research and not simply another “professional opinion”!


Decades of continuing medical research continues to prove that specific upper spinal disorders are a leading cause of headaches & migraines of all types. This is our exclusive specialty at Headache Relief Center!


Rarely is there just one type of treatment or therapy alone that addresses the real, true cause of your headaches and pain. Much of the time it’s the personalized combination of treatments and specialties all working together for YOUR BENEFIT that achieves our proven, long-lasting results!


We also have an expansive network of medical providers including neurology, pain management, primary care and therapy specialists.

At Headache Relief Center, our proven treatment plans are   “research-based” and not simply “opinion-based” as many are!

“Dr. Chorny has been the one doctor that has helped me with my migraines. They are pretty much nonexistent after years of suffering.”


  1. Specific Spinal Disorders are a proven, leading cause of Headaches & Migraines!
  2. Headaches & Migraines caused by these upper spinal disorders is our exclusive specialty!
  3. Proper diagnosis and corrective treatment for these disorders is essential to achieving long-lasting relief and living a happy, healthy, active lifestyle again without limitations and restrictions!