Neck & Back Pain

Focus on the CAUSE not masking the symptoms!

Neck and Back pain & tension are NEVER normal & ALWAYS happen for a reason!


According to decades of research, the most common cause of neck or back pain is a problem with the normal structure or shape of your spine. Yet this proven fact seems to be ignored much of the time, even by our doctors.  After all, your spine is what supports your entire body throughout your lifetime and it must be maintained and periodically tuned-up. 

Up to 80% of the population will have neck or back problems at some point in their lifetime. Not coincidentally, 80% of the population has never had a proper evaluation by a trained spinal specialist. It’s the same concept as if you’ve never had a dental checkup or regularly brushed your teeth, you’re much more likely to have tooth decay and cavities.  


Neck and back problems, when left unaddressed, will likely continue to worsen over the course of time and can potentially result in long-term damage!


Since 1993, one of our areas of expertise has been the proper evaluation of neck and back pain to determine if a structural issue could be causing, or contributing to, your symptoms. 


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Neck & Back Pain