Relief at Last!

Headaches & Migraines

You must address the true CAUSE!

Headaches of any kind are NEVER normal and ALWAYS happen for a reason! 

It can be very frustrating since there are so many different ways that doctors and therapists treat or manage the symptoms of headaches & migraines, all the while ignoring the real cause.  If you don’t know the true cause, chances are you’ll never experience any significant relief no matter what kind of treatment or therapy you try.


What we do best is help you to, first, identify the real, true cause of your headaches.  Then we customize a plan to address this cause once and for all. This is the reason we’ve been successful with cases like yours for so long.


Don’t make the mistake of simply trying things out hoping for results.  


Decades of ongoing research continues to show that spinal compression is the most common cause of ongoing headaches & migraines that sometimes seem to continue to happen for no apparent reason. In other words, your headaches may NOT be a “head problem”!  We are the only healthcare practice of any kind that specializes exclusively in the proper diagnosis and corrective care for headaches that originate from a problem in your upper spine.  


Schedule your consultation today to find out if you are in the 70% of people who’s headaches are caused by a problem originating in your spine. 

headaches & migraines