Questions We’re Asked

So many of us have been told that there really isn’t a long-term solution for our migraines, headaches or pain.  Please know that decades upon decades of proven, published research may say otherwise!  There is long-lasting relief available, but YOU must become the EXPERT!


Let us help you pinpoint and address the real, true CAUSE of your migraine and headache symptoms and then personalize a plan for you to help address this cause once and for all!  This is what we’ve done best for well over 3 decades so far with thousands successfully helped!


Here are a few of the most common questions we’re asked…

Headache Relief Center is a multispecialty practice that has an expansive network of many different healthcare and medical specialties all working together for YOUR benefit!  This helps to ensure that you’ll get the treatment that’s best for you and your condition!  Rarely is there just one type of “magical” treatment alone that will address the true cause of your migraine and headache symptoms! Dr. Scott is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician by training but does NOT operate a general practice. Decades upon decades of proven, published research continues to show the link between specific upper spinal disorders and migraines and headaches.  This is why we’ve been able to successfully help thousands, like you, since 1993!  Now, it’s YOUR turn!  Stop “trying things out” and hoping for results!  Let us help you pinpoint and address the CAUSE of your migraine and headache symptoms once and for all!

First and foremost, we’ll help you pinpoint, with certainty, the true cause of your symptoms.  If you, or your doctors, don’t know and understand the real, true cause, you’re just guessing, and we will NEVER guess when it comes to your health!  This is essential to personalizing a treatment plan that will address this cause for good!  Most of our patients receive a combination of two or three different types of treatment or therapy all working together to relieve your migraine and headache symptoms and to help ensure that your relief will be long-lasting!  

Gentle alignment, stretching and strengthening therapies are commonly utilized to reduce spinal compression, which continues to documented as a common, if not the most common, cause of migraine and headache symptoms.  If necessary, we’ll work with our network of medical specialists which includes primary care, neurology, pain management and physical therapy among others.


Only one thing matters… RESULTS!

Dr. Scott has been in private practice since April of 1993 with well over three decades of experience and expertise!  Headache Relief Center is one of the few healthcare practices, of any kind, that specializes, exclusively, in the proper diagnosis and corrective care for migraine and headache disorders!


To put it simply, it’s all that we do, and it’s what we do best!

We are conveniently located just West of I-35 at 87th Street in Lenexa, KS.  We are easily accessible to all parts of the Greater Kansas City area.

To get directions to our office (including parking information), please visit the Contact section of our website.

Your first visit to Headache Relief Center will include your initial consultation with Dr. Scott and a review of your condition and previous findings. Your consultation visit may last between 15 and 30 minutes.  Dr. Scott will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and help point you in the right direction toward lasting relief!  If we do not feel that we’re able to help you, we’re happy to find someone that may be a better fit for you!

After your initial consultation visit, Dr. Scott will make any necessary recommendations for examination or imaging studies.  All findings will be reviewed with you in detail with honest recommendations to help address the cause of your migraine and headache symptoms once and for all! You’ll also be provided a personalized RAP Sheet (Recommended Action Plan) to take home with all of your findings and recommendations!


Additional, necessary examination procedures and imaging are not included in your initial consultation visit.

Dr. Scott is a participating provider in multiple insurance networks and accepts virtually all insurance plans, even if we’re not listed on your plan!  Our goal is to always provide the absolute best care at the lowest cost to you!

We’ll discuss any details, questions or concerns regarding your insurance coverage with you ahead of time to avoid any “surprises”!