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There are countless ways to "treat" or "manage" your headache & migraine symptoms, all the while ignoring the real, true cause!

Pinpointing the true cause of your headaches and pain is the KEY to finally achieving long-lasting relief! Only then can a personalized care plan be put in place to address this cause for good. This is what we do best!

If you, or your doctor, don’t know and understand the real, true cause, you’re just guessing, and we will never guess with your health!

The KEY to Long-Lasting Headache & Pain Relief…

  1. Pinpoint the real, true cause of your Headaches or Pain FIRST!
  2. Personalize a care plan to address this cause once and for all!
  3. Enjoy a Happy, Healthy, Active life again!

Makes more sense than “trying things out” and hoping for results!


Still hesitant or perhaps even a bit SKEPTICAL?  I understand and, in some cases, I think you SHOULD BE!  I encourage you to make your important healthcare decisions based on decades of proven, published research and not simply professional “opinions” alone since opinions often differ and even conflict! 


Our proven results for over three decades speak for themselves.


I believe that there really is only one way to overcome your headaches and migraines for good… Focus, first, on pinpointing the real CAUSE!  Then, and only then, you can receive a personalized treatment plan to address this cause once and for all!  I look forward to visiting with you!


          –  Dr. Scott

“Dr. Chorny has been the one doctor that helped me find the real cause of my migraines! They are pretty much nonexistent after enduring years of needless suffering.”