Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Proven, Lasting Relief from your Carpal Tunnel!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the MOST COMMONLY MISDIAGNOSED conditions that we see in our practice. Because many of the symptoms are focused in the wrist or hand, the true cause and origin of these symptoms may be ignored


The nerve that results in Carpal Tunnel symptoms originates in the spine near the neck and shoulder. In order to properly evaluate and diagnose the true cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms, a thorough evaluation of the spine and shoulder areas must be completed in addition to evaluation of the TMJ!  


Rather than treating your carpal tunnel symptoms solely, it is essential to have a thorough evaluation of the entire path of these nerves extending from your neck and shoulder area all the way to your fingertips. 


If the cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms is not identified, it is likely that this condition will continue to develop into more serious, long-lasting health problemsDon’t risk the chance of unnecessary surgery by ignoring the true cause!


Since 1993, one of our areas of expertise has been in properly evaluating and diagnosing the true cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms and then customizing a plan to provide relief by addressing the actual cause once and for all!


Schedule your initial consultation today to help determine the true cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms and get personalized options to address this cause for good!  We look forward to helping you soon!

Carpal Tunnel