Children’s Headaches

"Don't you dare ignore your child's headaches!"

“Headaches in children are NEVER normal, but ALWAYS happen for a reason!”      – Dr. Scott


Growing up, I also battled debilitating headaches and migraines as a kid, so I am very passionate about this topic!  

Many doctors, and some parents, ignore their child’s complaints of ongoing headaches and sometimes brush them off as “just a phase” or say things like, “kids are resilient”.  Certainly as parents, we always want what’s best for our kids!  But, we can only make the best healthcare decisions for our children based on the information that our doctors give us, right?  


It is crucial to have your child evaluated by an expert that can help you pinpoint the real, true cause and put a plan into place to address this cause once and for all!  This is what we’ve done best at Headache Relief Center for more than three decades so far!

To put it simply, “it’s all that we do, and it’s what we do best”!


If the cause of your child’s headaches is left lurking, the chances of developing more severe, and longer-lasting, health problems can skyrocket!  I know this all too well from my own experience!

It is true, overall, that kids are very resilient and, if the true cause of your child’s headaches is properly identified and addressed, they will usually respond to care much faster! So, what are you waiting for?


I implore you, please don’t ignore your child’s headaches a  minute longer! Schedule your initial consultation visit right now to help identify the real, true cause of your child’s headaches so they, and you, can live a happy, healthy, worry-free life again, free from the limitations of ongoing headaches!

I look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and helping to guide you in the right direction toward long-lasting relief!

– Dr. Scott