Proven, Long-Lasting Relief from your
stubborn Headaches & Migraines!

Enjoy a Happy, Healthy, Active Life again!

30 Years of Experience & Expertise = Proven Results!

What Are Your Headaches Costing You?

It's time for YOU to experience "Headache Relief at Last"!

“I understand! For years, I too suffered with debilitating migraines. My frustration grew with countless, empty promises of help. Pinpointing the true cause of my headaches was the key to finally achieving long-lasting relief. Now it’s your turn!”

– Dr. Scott Chorny

Your Family and Friends Deserve to Have You Back!

Relief is as simple as...

We’ll listen to your concerns, answer all of your questions & always provide honest recommendations!
Thorough Evaluation and Examination
Pinpointing the true cause of your headaches & migraines is the key to experiencing long-lasting relief!
Personalized, Proven Treatment Plan
We’ll customize a care plan to address the true cause of your headaches, migraines or pain once and for all!

One Patient's Journey

We are located in Lenexa, Kansas,
at the intersection of I-35 and 95th Street,
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Headache Relief Center
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