Proven, Long-Lasting Relief from your
stubborn Headaches & Migraines!

Enjoy a Happy, Healthy, Active Life again!

Feel like you've "tried everything" with little, or no, relief?

Focus on the CAUSE, not masking the symptoms!

What Are Your Headaches Costing You?

It's time for YOU to experience "Headache Relief at Last"!

“I understand! For years, I too suffered with debilitating migraines. My frustration grew with countless, empty promises of help. Pinpointing the true cause of my headaches was the key to finally achieving long-lasting relief. Now, it’s your turn!”

– “Dr. Scott” Chorny

Your Family and Friends Deserve to Have You Back!

Relief is as simple as...

We’ll listen to your concerns, answer all of your questions & always provide honest recommendations!
Thorough Evaluation and Examination
Pinpointing the true cause of your headaches & migraines is the key to experiencing long-lasting relief!
Personalized, Proven Treatment Plan
We’ll customize a care plan to address the true cause of your headaches, migraines or pain once and for all!

One Patient's Journey

We are conveniently located just West of I-35 off of 87th Street and just North of 435.

Appointments are Available:

Monday through Friday


Headache Relief Center
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