What Others Say

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My now 16 year old daughter has suffered from migraines since she was old enough to tell me her head hurt. We went to every neurologist, therapist and doctor. Tons of medication. Nothing worked. We finally found Dr Chorny and he was the first one to say “this is where the problem lies.” Nobody ever said those words to us, just “try this.” My daughter can now be the teenager she deserves to be. We love the staff in this office. Very welcoming always! Thank you for improving my daughters quality of life! I can rest a bit easier at night also knowing she isn’t suffering!

I was referred to Dr. Chorny by a good friend for pain radiating from my neck down my left arm and back. After an x-ray, Dr. Chorny diagnosed me with cervical kyphosis and set me on a care plan. After a couple of visits, I am completely pain free! Dr. Chorny and his staff are awesome and I feel that they really care about me and my health.

My son's headaches went from almost every day to almost none after just a few months of visiting Dr. Chorny. While there with my son, I saw that they also treat whiplash neck injuries, which I have, and I am happy to say that after 9 years of no relief from the several other doctors, including pain management, etc., I am also finally feeling a difference for the better. Nice to finally have a real plan that you can see and feel the difference!

I've been seeing Dr. Chorny to address my migraines and have seen a significant decrease in frequency of my headaches. He's always quick to get me in whether I'm scheduled or not. His team cares well for me and my two small children while I'm being adjusted and always takes the time to give us what we need and treat the problem, not just the symptom. Great experience with a knowledgeable Doctor!

Dr. Chorny and everyone here are truly outstanding. Very positive, informative, honest, and thorough. I came here knowing the nature of my injury but he supplemented me with information I had not found on my own that helped explain my condition and symptoms. Best part, rather than focusing on the symptoms he was focused on the cause. Little over 2 months later and I feel so much better. Very clear about treatment and expected progress. No question goes unanswered. Truly feel lucky to have Dr.Chorny in my corner and looking forward to completing my treatment and being neck and shoulder pain free and migraine free.

Dr Chorny is absolutely incredible. I am a little over a month into treatment and have been migraine free for almost 3 weeks now. I feel so much better. Neurologist after neurologist, doctor after doctor. And no one could give me an answer. Until I met Dr Chorny and his team. I have suffered from migraines for years and I can finally say I’m migraine free thanks to Dr Scott and his team.