About Dr. Scott

Our Lead Doctor

I understand. I've been there myself!

For years, I too suffered with severe migraines. 


Missed school attendance, missed family activities and frequent visits to the doctor’s office and hospital were my everyday reality. It seemed that each doctor that I visited “treated” my migraine symptoms, but the real cause was never identified or addressed. 


When visiting yet another specialist in 1976, the doctor, surprisingly, asked, “Have you had his spine checked?”, a question that we had never been asked before.  This question, and the doctor’s knowledge and expertise, changed my life forever!


You see, your headaches and migraines may NOT be a “head problem” and if you’re looking in the wrong place, you’ll never find what you’re looking for… the REAL cause!

I’ve now been completely migraine-free since 1976.  This life-changing visit for me is what keeps me motivated and working so hard for others!


This proven, long-lasting relief is what I want for you, and those you care about, to experience first hand!  Live a Healthy, Happy, Active Lifestyle again!


– Dr. Scott Chorny

Seeking the expertise from both a headache specialist as well as a specialist in specific upper spinal disorders is essential in helping to identify the true cause of your headaches and migraines.  Decades of published research has continued to prove that specific upper spine disorders, near the base of your skull, are a leading cause of headaches of all types!


Headache Relief Center is a “multispecialty” healthcare practice that provides many different types of treatment and specialties all working together for your benefit and personalized for your specific needs!  I have been a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician since 1993 and specialize, exclusively, in headache and migraine disorders.  


Our initial focus is to help you pinpoint the real, true cause of your headaches and migraines rather than “trying things out” hoping for results as many seem to do.  If you, or your doctor, don’t know the real, true cause of your headaches, you’re simply guessing, and we will never guess with your health!


Please don’t make the “Biggest Mistake” that many headache and migraine sufferers make… continuing to “try things out”, hoping for results, without first knowing and understanding the real cause of your symptoms!  


I’ve been fortunate to have successfully help thousands, just like you, over the course of nearly three decades.  Now, it’s YOUR turn!


Undergraduate Studies at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, KS

Pre-Medical Studies at Park University in Parkville, MO

Honors Graduate of Cleveland University of Kansas City in April of 1993


Published author of research in peer-reviewed journal.


Author and speaker on topics related to headache and pain disorders as well as the broken state of “healthcare” system.


Courtroom experienced expert witness for whiplash and injury cases since 1993.


Hosted a 30-minute healthcare television show in South Texas.


Host of “Dr. Scott Can Help!” on


Trained at the renowned Wipf Clinic in Texas, one of the busiest and most respected in the country.


Former company doctor for a major grocery store chain in Texas.

“Too many people are searching for a certain kind of doctor, or a certain kind of treatment, rather than focusing, first, on identifying the true cause of their symptoms. It’s easy to find a doctor to “treat” or “manage” your headache and migraine symptoms, all the while ignoring the cause! Pinpointing and addressing the true cause is the key to living a Happy, Healthy, Active Life again!”

• Dr. Chorny •