Our Difference

Do you feel like you have tried everything for your headaches or migraines, yet still, after all of that time and expense, have gotten very little relief?

Isn’t it time you tried something different?

Maybe your specialists have gone about this in the wrong way. Instead of treating the symptoms of your headaches or migraines, it’s time to treat the real, true cause of that pain. By knowing and understanding the cause of your headaches or migraines, we can formulate a customized plan that addresses the problem, and not just the symptom. This results in proven, long-lasting results!

Imagine finding real headache relief at last!

“Dr. Chorny has been the one doctor that has helped me with my migraines. They are pretty much nonexistent after years of suffering.”


What's Causing Your Headaches

We believe that identifying the real, true cause of your headaches is of utmost priority. We don’t simply try things out, hoping for results.

Decades of ongoing medical research continues to prove that spinal cord pressure or strain due to a disorder in your spine is the most common cause of ongoing headaches of all types.

Getting Rid of Your Headaches

Here, you will receive a customized combination of gentle, hands-on alignment (not general manipulation), stretching exercises and strengthening exercises that help to reshape your spinal structural abnormalities.

We will address the true cause of your headaches once and for all.

We use a revolutionary, multispecialty approach which allows us to look at your condition from a much broader perspective; from the perspective of multiple specialties, all working together for your benefit.

In addition, this allows us to customize a care plan to address the real, true cause of your symptoms once and for all.