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Michelle says:

My now 16 year old daughter has suffered from migraines since she was old enough to tell me her head hurt. We went to every neurologist, therapist and doctor. Tons of medication. Nothing worked. We finally found Dr Scott and he was the first one to say “this is where the problem lies.” Nobody ever said those words to us, just “try this.” My daughter can now be the teenager she deserves to be. We love the staff in this office. Very welcoming always! Thank you for improving my daughters quality of life! I can rest a bit easier at night also knowing she isn’t suffering!

Robin says:

I have had migraines for over 40 years. I have had a headache EVERY day for 3+ years.  I have tried EVERYTHING – preventive meds, abortive meds, pain meds, neurologist,  Botox, acupuncture, etc., etc.  Some of those gave me short term relief, but nothing really worked.  Then I found Dr. Scott.  After 5 months of his treatment plan I have not had a migraine in over 2 months and my everyday headaches are gone.  THANK YOU Dr. Scott!!!

These are real patients. These are their real names. These came word-for-word from our Google reviews.